Vacature: Productieleider

Vacature: Productieleider

Wij zoeken een productieleider. Wat we van je verwachten; 1. Positieve bijdrage leveren aan goede samenwerking en werksfeer. 2. Opstarten van werk (aan de hand van dag- en weekplanning) 3. Samenstellen van ploegen/bezetting bij overwerk, verschoven…


Laboratory In the laboratory at Griekspoor several devices can be found that are needed to test and improve existing coatings as well as develop new coatings. Griekspoor can test coatings according to a range of standards, e.g. NBD 10300 (corrosion…


Griekspoor Thermal Coatings is not only known because of its excellent coatings for the hydraulic industry but can also coat and grind/polish complex other products. These cones are used in the paper industry and have been coated with the very wear…


Griekspoor Paint Systems helped a nearby yacht builder when its painting department was at maximum capacity. Below is just a fraction of over 100 pieces that were painted in record time to much appreciation of the yacht builder.
hardness tester

Hardness tester

As a service for our customers and also to keep improving our quality Griekspoor recently installed a new professional Struers hardness tester. This is an important new item in our professional laboratory.
Expansion production capacity

Expansion production capacity

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has great confidence in the future. We strongly focus on our customers to meet their specifications. Since establishing the in house laboratory we are able to test (acc. ISO, DNV/JIP specs) and improve our coatings faster…
bridge railing

Taking work home

When your colleagues from Griekspoor are overhauling a bridge near your home it is almost like taking work home. Especially when the bridge railing is repainted in your own company. A good example of Griekspoor an GriekspoorTC joining forces. For…

Griekspoor Linear Positioning Measure (LPM) explained

This video demonstrates how the Griekspoor Linear Positioning Measure (LPM) works: a sensor detects the difference in the rod profile underneath the coating and conveys this information to a counter. The counter displays the current position of the…

Coating small high-pressure-plungers

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings recently coated some small high precision plungers for high pressure fluid pumps (>3000 bar). The coating and grinding capacity of Griekspoor is: length 23 meters, diameter approx. 1 meter and weight 20 tonnes. The size…
TOPCOAT® Ceramics

TOPCOAT® Ceramics

An effective way of demonstrating our product. The customer supplies the base material, a piston rod, and we coat it. In this video the coating is Topcoat ceramics: a NiCr corrosion resistant intermediate coating and a ceramic wear resistant top…
Repaired by welding of a though and high corrosion/wear resistant tungsten carbide TOPCOAT®107

Repaired by welding of a though and high corrosion/wear resistant tungsten carbide TOPCOAT®107

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings recently developed a very cost efficient and better coating alternative for galvanic nickel chromium, named TOPCOAT®107. Until now the possibility for repair of coatings was limited and technically complicated. First…
lpm coating

LPM coating

Griekspoor coated a rod with diameter Ø180mm and length 11.400mm. Not as long and thin as this one, but the Linear Positioning Measurement (LPM) profile made this rod challenging enough. In the end the rod was coated without any problems.

High corrosion- and wear resistant rod coatings

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings is known as a one stop supplier for high corrosion- and wear resistant rod coatings. But one of the other assets of GTC is a professional and well equipped paint shop. In this paint shop we combine best of both worlds.…
LPM profile check

LPM profile check

Griekspoor was asked to check the LPM (Linear Position Measurement) profile on a newly machined piston rod. The rod was too long to move under a sensor so it was done the other way around: move the sensor over the rod. Unfortunately the sensor…