Our 'standard' TOPCOAT® is our earliest developed coating and is applied since 1987. For a number of years this was the only coating that could be supplied for hydraulic applications. (They can choose any colour as long as it is black). Even now the corrosion and wear resistance of this dark-coloured, almost black coating is excellent and suitable for almost all aggressive and corrosive environments.

The coating consists of a plasma-sprayed nickel-chrome adhesive layer with a minimum thickness of 100μm and an aluminium oxide/titanium oxide ceramic top layer.

Typical applications for this coating are:

  1. Hydraulic components, such as piston rods
  2. Plungers
  3. Components for the automotive industry
  4. Wear resistant sealing surfaces
  5. Wear resistant sleeve bearing surfaces
  6. Replacement and recoating of Ceramax

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Used technique

Plasma Spraying

Plasma spraying

In a plasma spray gun a plasma gas is ionized between an anode and a cathode. The plasma reaches temperatures between 15,000 and 20,000°C. A coating powder is injected into the plasma jet by a carrier gas, where it melts before depositing on the…


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