Thermal coatings, a hydraulic industry's specialist

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings (GTC) is an international company specialized in the application and finishing of coatings for the maritime industry and the hydraulic industry, particularly piston rods.

We coat piston rods up to a length of 23 meters, a diameter of 1 meter and a weight of 20 tonnes. In consulation even larger products. We are known to have the strongest, sustainable coatings. And besides testing our coatings in real climats we have our own laboratory in which we develop and test coatings

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The latest activities

Successful development of Linear Positioning Measurement (LPM®) system

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings was the first coating specialist who developed its own integrated Linear Positioning Measurement (LPM®) system.
Recently developed coating TOPCOAT®107

Recently developed coating TOPCOAT®107

Our recently developed coating TOPCOAT®107 has besides an excellent corrosion- and wear resistance also another big advantage. Small impact damage can easily be repaired by simple welding. For a 90 seconds demonstration see above instruction video.
Carbide coating of a bearing of a high end screw pump

Carbide coating of a bearing of a high end screw pump

The photos show the chromium carbide coating before grinding of the lower bearing of a high end screw pump.


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